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The eGuest Connect Special Bundle
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Review Management 
Create and manage in-house reviews before your customers leave.

This can allow bad reviews to be dealt with before a customer leaves and posts on social media.

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Resource Management
Schedule and track Maintenance tasks on site or off site of the business.

Track complete history of maintenance tasks performed and print reports in real time.

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Task & Notes
 Create and manage tasks and notes for Customers, Employees and Units. Track all conversations between business and client or among staff, whether it’s for Maintenance, Housekeeping, Inquiries and much more.

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eGuest Connect Services
  • Pay Bills 
  • Buy Products
  • Check In/Out
  • Minimum/Maximum Stay Rules
  • Leave Reviews
  • Message the Resort
  • View Resort Amenities
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Access Resort Concierge
  • Make Online Reservations
  • Membership Management
  • Yield Management
App Features
Facebook Integrations – The branded app can have your resort Facebook page embedded directly into one of the many tabs. It is a live connection, so whenever you update your Facebook page, your app is instantly updated with that information.
Contact Form – Create a contact form allowing the guest to send a message to the resort without using emails streamlining the entire contact process.
Image Gallery – The image gallery allows the resort to upload images for clients to view. Pictures are worth a thousand words and image galleries are always popular showing guests enjoying their stay and showcasing the resorts amenities.
Calendar of Events – Calendar of Events ensures your guests are always informed about what is going on at your resort. These Events can link to a booking page online so the guest can instantly click to buy a ticket or book a stay.
Places Nearby – When guests stay at your resort they are oft en looking for that great experience. This could also include nearby places of interest. Include those places of interest in your App, complete with Google map and step by step directions on how to get there from your resort.
Sister Resorts – If you are a resort network you can easily showcase the other resorts in your network. Cross promoting to guests that already like your service is a very effective and cost effective way to generate more revenue for the resort group.
Video Gallery – The only thing more popular than an image gallery is a video gallery. Include a video gallery inside of your app. Embed your online videos directly into your app to showcase everything positive about your resort. 
Weather Forecast – Embed real-time weather forecast for your resort into your App. Let your guests see what the forecast is to help them plan their stay better while they are at the resort.
The Mobile Apps E-Booklet
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