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The Referral

RezExpert is now launching the Referral Program. Our current DigitalRez and RezExpert clients will have the opportunity to receive a 10% discount when they refer another potential client to RezExpert. Anytime you refer another business to RezExpert and they become a fee-paying client of DigitalRez, the referral will result in a 10% discount to your monthly licensing and maintenance fee.

Call: 1 (800) - 811 - 5988 (US)

+61 - 7 - 4925 - 4400 (AUS)


To be eligible for a discount, the referrer must identify the referred Customer directly to DigitalRez by filling out the referral online form below.

Take advantage of this fantastic referral opportunity to receive your discount now. View the criteria below and fill in the form to register your referral.

The referral agreement will be exclusive to RezExpert users.

Users will be able to receive a 10% discount for each paying referral.

Discounts of up to 100% are available. 

Valid while you are a RezExpert Client.

Free online sign up. 

Special terms and conditions apply. 

Join Our Referral Program Today

Do not miss out on our fantastic referral program and take advantage of our 10% discounts for each referral. Fill in the form to enter your details along with the referral details or call the numbers below for more information.

 C‚Äčall: 1 (800) - 811 - 5988 (US)

 61 7 4925-4400 (AUS)

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