Extensive Training Module


Video Training is integrated into the RezExpert system. Over one hundred videos are hosted on YouTube and made available on every page within RezExpert. Also available is the rezexpert support website which features FAQs, PDFs and documents to help you to use RezExpert to it’s full potential.Visit support.rezexpert.com to see more.

Fully Functional Test Environment

To compliment the extensive help system we provide a fully functional test environment where you can test new system features and traiin employees. This system is a duplicate of your production environment and is always available.

Written Help

Detailed PDF help is just a click away from every active panel in the system by pressing the (?) on the right hand side. Pressing the question mark loads a .pdf help document specific to that panels functions.An extensive support website is also available from a link on the top menu bar inside RezExpert. If one of your employees is unsure of how to perform a particular process they will have a choice between video help or written PDF help.